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Sample Request Requirements
  • Be specific when requesting samples. (Colour, Size, Texture, etc.)
  • Only request samples of products which are on our website.
  • A4 is the largest sample size we will send.
  • Only request one of each product selected.
  • Samples can only be given of products, which are in stock. Please check beforehand.
  • Products, which are sold online singularly, are unable to be sent as samples.
  • We will only send a swatch sample of products which are sold online singularly or in packs and not a full sheet.
Can ship only within United Kingdom and Northern Ireland .
Please contact us for other countries.

Welcome to our Sample Request Form. This form can be used to request samples of products which we have on our website. Sample Requests will be dispatched in the first class post within 1 - 3 working days.

Sample requests are only dispatched to UK and Northern Ireland post codes. Sample requests to other destinations must be emailed to the following email address and a full quotation will be provided by return email.

Please note that we will NOT refund payments made via this link for overseas sample requests, and samples will not be sent to overseas destinations without prior email agreement or quotation.

Please enter into the boxes above the product name, which you would like to see a sample of. Once you have selected the sample(s) you require, please add the product to your cart and complete checkout process.

The website will charge you for the sample request. However, when you complete the sample request you will automatically be sent an email containing a coupon code for £1.80, which can be used on your next order. Please note that coupon codes need to be entered into "Shopping Cart" once you have added your products. "Shopping Cart" can be found at the top of the website on the navigation bar. Click "Shopping Cart" to display your shopping cart.


We have recently changed the way sample requests are handled; this is due to some customers abusing the system and requesting multiple free samples. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Coupon Codes must be used at the time of placing your order online, refunds will not be given after an order is placed. Sample request coupons can not be used when other offers are available on our web sites ie. Discount Weekends. Sample request coupons are valid for 3 months. No Exceptions will be made.

The product images on the screen are representative, and the colour may differ from the actual product. If you wish to place an order, we recommend you request a physical sample.
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